Ontario WWII Re-enactors
M-1 Paratrooper Helmet
Parachute First Aid Packet
Helmet net
M1942 Jump Uniform

Jump Boots
Unit Patch
Rank Insignia
US trouser belt
M1923 Cartridge Belt or BAR Belt
M1936 or M1943 Suspenders
First Aid Pouch
Musette Bag
T-Handle or M1943 Folding shovel w/ cover
M1910 Canteen Cover and Canteen
US Paratrooper
US Infantry
M-1 Helmet
M1941 Field Jacket or
M1943 Field Uniform Set(Jacket and Trouser)
M1943 HBT Shirt and Trousers or Brown
Wool Shirt and Trouser
Service Shoes, Type II & Leggings or
Combat Service Boots (2 buckles)
Unit Patches
Trouser Belt
First Aid Pouch
Haversack or
Musette Bag and M1936 suspenders
M1923 Cartridge Belt
T-Handle Shovel 
M1910 Canteen Cover & Canteen
Substitute Parson's Jacket
M1943 Folding Shovel
Helmet net
M1928 Haversack