General Rules
Please note that the general rules will fall within most field rules but each hosting field may have their own rules that must be agreed to and followed.

1.  Paintball Googles Only
2.  Goggles must be worn at all times unless you are in the staging/safe zone area.
3.  When safe staging/safe zone all guns must be on safety and barrel plugs on.
4.  AEGs must chrone in at 400 fps or less.
5.  BA Rifles must chrone in at 450 fps or less.
6.  No pyro is to be used without express permission of the management - not a host, however, asking the host is a courtesy;
7.  Nobody is permitted to play while consuming or under the influence of alcohol/drugs
8.  Garbage is not to be left in the field - BRING YOUR BB BAGS OUT OF THE FIELD


Non-WWII Airsoft weapons can is used under the following guidelines:

Modern Airsoft Replica ---------------- WWII equivalent

M14/15/16/G3 Rifle Variants ----------- M1 Rifle, BAR | K98/G43/STG-44 (Mordern Weapons fire
                                                               in Semi-Auto)

M4 Carbine Variants/AK-47/G36 ------ M1 Carbine/M1A1 | MP38/40/STG44 (Modern weapons
                                                               fire in Full Auto)

MP5 /MC51/short SMGs -------------- M1A1/M3A1/ MP38/40 (Modern weapons fire in Full Auto)

Bolt Action Rifles (ALL) ----------------Springfield ‘03/K98

We'd like to discourage players from using ultra-modern looking Airsoft replicas like the P90, AUG, SIG, L85 Etc. (If this is all you have and you would like to play contact us and we will see what can be done)

Airsoft replica handguns of all types/styles may be used.


Any Airsoft replica of a ‘real world’ light, medium or heavy machinegun of any period may be used, and will be assumed to represent the appropriate weapon according to side, i.e. M1919, M2, MG34/42 etc. Any WWII era Airsoft MG replica may be used by either side.

Note: Machineguns must always be fired from a seated or prone position, and the MG must be rested on the ground or another solid surface using a bipod or tripod. At no time may the Machine Gunner fire the gun while standing, walking, running or otherwise upright and mobile.

MEDIC RULES   (Updated Oct. 18, 2007)

--Each soldier is issued 1 'bandage' (1 piece of cloth).
--Each team has several dedicated 'respawn points'.
--Each soldier is issued 4 KIA Cards.

The rules are as follows:

The first time you are hit, you must CALL "HIT" and fall to the ground.  Take out your bandage and tie it to the barrel of your weapon. Point the weapon up to show the bandage, this will tell your team that you need help and for your enemy not to shoot at you.  You can now call for a medic. You are injured. You may not shoot, you may not move. You may not give your teammates any information.  Start the count down to 5 minutes.

TO BE HEALED: Any player on your team can act as a Medic and try to heal you.  The acting Medic must take the bandage from the barrel of the weapon and tie it onto one of the wounded players arms.  The wounded player
cannot assit the acting Medic by removing the bandage from the barrel or tilting the barrel down to the medic.  The barrel has to point up at all times.  The acting Medic may chose to move the wounded player to a safer area before applying first-aid.  To move the wounded player the acting Medic must grab the wounded player by the arm or shoulder and must hold onto them at all times.  If the acting Medic is hit then both players stop and go in first hit mode.  Wounded players cannot heal each other.  If the acting Medic is successful in removing the bandage from the barrel and tying it to the wounded players arm then the wounded player is healed and can now return to fighting/moving. You are now considered 'walking wounded'. If no one can get to you then you must wait for five minutes, once the five minutes are up you are dead, you have bled out.  You may now return to a 'respawn area'.  Call out 'walking dead', keeping the bandage on the barrel of your weapon pointing up and walk to your 'respawn area'.

BODY COUNT: If you are approached by an enemy soldier during the five minute count down period, you must surrender one of your 'KIA cards’, which the enemy unit uses towards its confirmed body count at the end of the game. If your card is taken, you are automaticly dead and must proceed to one of your respawn areas before you can return to the fighting. 

The second time you are hit, you automaticly dead. Call out "HIT" and fall to the ground.  Take the bandage off your arm and tie it to the barrel of your weapon.  Once this is done, call out "walking dead" and walk back to your 'respawn area'.

HEALED BY RESPAWN: If you have been hit for the second time, bled out from your first hit, or had your KIA card taken by the enemy, then you must return to a respawn point. Once you reach the respawn area, deposit one of your KIA cards (if it was not taken by the enemy) and wait for the designated number of players (to be determined on day of event) to be able to re-deploy. ALL your injuries are considered healed and you may remove your bandage from the barrel of your weapon.  The next hit you sustain is treated with the 'First Hit' rules.

You MUST HAVE a KIA card to return to the fighting. If you have used all four of your cards you must borrow one or more from your team members.

The Concept
This method is intended to cause actual decrease of fighting effectiveness through injured soldiers. It will take longer for injured players to get back into the game and the wounded player may not be able to be recued without risking more casualties.  A commander has to gauge how many of his men he can afford to lose before he cannot effectively remove the wounded, or risk the annihilation of the combat unit. It also provides tangible benefits to a unit who hits an enemy hard. If a unit manages to incapacitate an enemy group before they can evacuate, they can search all the enemy for their 'death cards' which are considered points at the end of the game.  This will also prevent of leaving enemy wounded behind to just respawn after 5 minutes and find that you are now being attacked from the rear.

The additional benefit of this method is that if played properly, a group is never forced to respawn in piecemeal, they will have to wait for the designated number of players  (example 5 players) to be at the respawn area before they can re-deploy.



Ammunition rules for this event are meant to encourage equal footing for all participants. To do this, each type of magazine (real, low, mid, high) have a value attached to them. A limit is set for the event, and you are to determine how many magazines you can carry and of what type before you hit the limit.

Real Cap (Star Mags) have a value of '1'
Low Cap Mags have a value of '2'
Mid Cap Mags have a value of '5'
High Cap Mags have a value of '15'

The limit for most event will be '20' unless stated otherwise on game day.

This means you may carry 20 Star mags, or 10 standards. Alternatively. You may carry one high cap, and 1 mid cap mag. You all know basic math so you may figure out how this works for you.

(Updated Oct. 18, 2007)
The idea here is to limit the amount of ammo each team can muster per firefight without reinforcements. This is accomplished simply as follows. Each soldier is limited to the '20 mag' limit. Once the ammunition is out, he must return to one of the designated Ammo dumps to reload his mags. A unit can also designate one or two of their players to go back to the Ammo Dump to make an ammo run for the unit.  Once the runners get to the ammo dump they can go back to the unit, tag each one and call out Ammo, once the player is tagged by the runner(s) they can now reload at their existing position.  If you need to reload again then another ammo run will need to be done.  The amount of loose ammunition you carry has NO LIMIT, but be reminded that you are not allowed to reload unless at a designated reload point or if you have been tagged by a player that has made an ammo run..



Quick note regarding these points.

- The respawn area(s) are the only area(s) an individual can return to full heal status. The reload point(s) are also the only point(s) which an individual can reload his magazines, unless an ammo run has been made.
- THEY ARE NOT SAFE ZONES or NO PLAY AREAS. They are considered in game strategic areas and you can be engaged at these points.
- CANNOT USE WHILE UNDER FIRE. If the point you are at comes under fire by enemy soldiers, it can no longer act as a place to heal or reload. Any wounded must be evacuated to a separate point in order to be revived.