The following links are vendors and sites that members of OWWIIR have dealt with and would recommend to others to try.  We will do our best to keep these links up-to-date.  If you visit one of the below sites and they are no longer up and running then please contact us so that we may remove them from the list.

Re-enacting Vendors

- A very good site for American and British uniforms and gear.  Good prices and quality.

- They have mostly German uniforms and gear but they do carry other Nations as well. Very well priced.
- Great selection of German, American, Canadian/British and Other Nationality gear and uniforms both repro and Authentic.  This is a Canadian site but all his prices are in US dollars. - Excellent reproduction uniforms and field gear for American, German and other Nationality re-enactors, their quality is among the best and closest to the originals.  They often sell their items on ebay and you can get it a little cheaper. - Also an excellent source for good quality reprodutcion uniforms for German re-enactors; has a great selection of original and personal items. - Outstanding selection of Personal items for ww2 re-enactors, they have all kinds of great breadbag stuffing items from shaving razors to Marlina Dietrich pictures. - Also great quality reproduction uniforms, field gear and personal items mostly for German reenactors.

Spearhead-Militaria - E-bay store.  Very good prices for German and American uniforms and gear.

Airsoft Vendors

Capital Airsoft is run by Jeff Baker and is a Canadian Airsoft retailer.  Jeff is a WWII re-enactor himself and supports this website.  So if you are looking for a weapon or airsoft parts please see Jeff first.

Other Canadian WWII Re-enacting Groups

WW2 Alberta

WW2 Quebec