Build it and they will come 

That's a line from the movie Field of Dreams.  It kind of describes how I felt things were like for WWII Airsoft Re-enactors here in Ontario, maybe even in Canada.   I kept looking for an organization or a squad to join and I couldnít find anything.  What I quickly discovered was that there is a lot of interest but nothing was out there to bring all these players interested in Airsoft and WWII Re-enactors together.  Thatís were this organization comes in.  We will try to provide as much information in regard to impressions, weapons and the best places to get what you need.  Then provide events so that you have a chance to use the things you have proudly gathered.

This organization is for individuals interested in either the Allies or Axis.  You can join an existing unit, be it that there are not that many units at this time, or start a new one.  Your impression can be Canadian, British, American, Russian, Italian or German.  We have chosen to represent troops that served in the European Theatre of WWII; therefore I would not recommend doing a Japanese impression.

What is WWII Re-enacting?

WWII re-enactors have been around for a long time and there are organizations throughout the world.  Most re-enactors take great pride in putting their impressions together and have to be correct right down to the stitch on their uniform.  The participants use real guns and shoot blanks at each other.  This can sound and look very realistic.  However, it is very difficult to know if you have been shot.  This type of re-enacting can be exciting and fun.  If you would like to learn more about WWII Re-enacting go to

However, this is not what we do.  This hobby is not a historical public-display/educational activity, but rather a full blown tactical war game.   Our events are battle simulations where history does not dictate the outcome.  Airsoft adds realism to the simulation.  You will feel the bullet go by your head as you take cover.  You will hear the ricochets and you will feel the hit when you are shot.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft started in Japan.  The guns shoot plastic 6mm or 8mm BBs.  In most cases they are near perfect replicas of real guns.  They are powered in many different ways: gas, electric, pump, and compressed air, etc.   Some guns are easy to get and some are very rare.  Full auto, semi auto, bolt action, its all available. More WWII guns are becoming available all the time!  BBs will not damage your uniform, unlike paintball, which can paint and ruin your kit after one battle.  If you would like to learn more about Airsoft go to

How to use this site.

The main purpose of the site is to bring WWII Airsoft Re-enactors in Ontario together.  To give them an opportunity to contact other members that are interested in WWII Re-enacting.  To be part of a community. You can also learn about the WWII airsoft weapons that are availble and which ones to get.  Many of the Airsofters who want to do WWII Re-enacting have no clue where to start.  Well, this is the place, and you will save a lot of time and money by doing your research here first.

Once you start gathering your new WWII stuff, you'll be amazed at the detail and it makes that woodland camo and Blackhawk Crossdraw Vest look just plain and uninteresting.

So get started and welcome to the world of WWII Airsoft Re-enacting!