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Upgrading / Fixing worn out mag springs.

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Johann Hansen

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 5:02 pm    Post subject: Upgrading / Fixing worn out mag springs. Reply with quote

As most people may find, after years of use your mag springs will wear down. Sometimes purchasing new mags is simply not the most cost effective or easiest solution, so what do you do?

Recently-ish companies have finally started producing replacement springs for some of their guns, namely the System PTW line of rifles.
Luckily, these fit majority of other magazine springs too!



If you can find the Vanaras 120 round brand, you are even more golden as these are meant for 120 rounds vs the common 60 rounds, such as the ones I linked above.


These strength on these compared to my stock springs was just great. Hard to compress, made my mags feed incredible, beyond better than new.

Here's how I replaced my King Arms MP40 mag springs which were pooched.

As you can see, the replacement springs (On left) are just about half the size of the regular springs, all I did was cram 2 of the springs in each mag as you would for the original mags they are intended for.

Located the magazine retention pin, near the top of the magazine:

Pop that sucker out, be careful and ensure to have pressure on the square piece on top:

If you don't, your spring may fly out and be lost in the abyss of your home.

Once your pin is completely out carefully remove that piece you were holding, I use a pick to remove mine.
Once that is done, the spring should pop slightly out:

Go ahead and yank the spring out, it may require a slight pull don't be intimidated by it.
Once your spring is out, remove the follower and replace it onto the new magazine spring. Mine took a bit of wiggling and required me to bent the original spring.

Carefully replace the follower onto your new mags carefully, it should go on fairly easy and straight forward.

Reinsert the magazine spring, follower first and you are set. The second spring will require a bit of coaxing but it will go. The hardest part is placing the black pin block back on, as your new springs will be twice as springy. Make sure the holes line up!

Pop the pin back in and done.

You could carefully cut the second spring so that it matches up with the original spring length, but I am not picky.
Not modifying the spring length will bring your round count down by a few.

Next up I am going to do this with my modded STG MP7 mags, as they do not like heavy weight ammo
This should work for a majority of magazines. Just have to figure out how to disassemble them.

Breathe new life into your magazines today!
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 12:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice post John. Thanks
1Lt. Lee Cassar (Re-enactor)
Dog Company 2/506th
101st Airborne
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