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Inter-group Rivalry.. and why we need to guard against it

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Roland Krieger

Joined: 28 Oct 2010
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PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 11:54 pm    Post subject: Inter-group Rivalry.. and why we need to guard against it Reply with quote

A recent thread has exposed some of the pitfalls of the integration of various groups into a larger whole.

As with any merger.. there are issues with pecking order, and preservation of Status.

When this group changed it's Direction, leaving aside the "Airsoft" limitation, and opening the doors to the wider reenactment community in Ontario, ( which is wide, varied and mature ) I believed that we would also set aside the Status gained in the previous "Smaller Pond" and meet here as equals, and common travellers on the reenactment road. Excellent work has been done by the Founders of the previous group, work that has set the stage for this new era of growth and integration of the various communities.

An excellent opportunity for all lies before us, to be seized or squandered.. the choice is ours.

As we integrate and open up to more and varied events, and rub up against what are in many cases long established organizations heretofore outside our circle, we need to guard against the obvious problems that can come up.

new and unexpected communications channels, New individuals in organizational roles, and in some cases outright usurpation of customary positions as we bump into duplication of organization.

There must be an over-riding presumption of non offence. No one is looking to "take over" anything .. everyone is looking to grow and develop .. and as these communities , previously defined by what we carried into the field, and now I hope only defined by our common interests and desires, mash together each and every one of us must be tolerant and open.

Certainly there will be differences, certainly there will be confusion, and in some case these things may not be instantly reconcilable, but in time and with patience we can grow the community together for our common good.

if there is one thing that will result in this opportunity to be squandered it is EGO, Vet, or wannabe, long service or first timer. we are all here for the same reason.. and I assure you it is not to fight amongst ourselves contrary to our purpose.

I post this.. In genuine desire to see in time the barriers between ALL of the various WWII reenactment groups broken down, and destroyed, to see all of the communities united. I want this for very selfish reasons, because I want to have large scale events here .. in our back yard, with vehicles and highly organized operations on the Company scale. I'm pretty sure that is also what every one else wants. It's not going to happen if we all keep to our own... but it will happen if we want it to, and we can see past our differences to the vision of a large and vibrant WWII reenactment community right here in Ontario. The fact is it's already here.. but too fractured to coalesce into something greater than the sum of it's parts.
Roland Krieger (reenactor Brian McIlmoyle)
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Wenn die Zunge wie ein Schwert schneiden konnten die Toten wäre unendlich
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