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What Price Glory kit review

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Karsten Heidt

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:45 am    Post subject: What Price Glory kit review Reply with quote

Lee, you'll be pleased to know I ordered via the link...and my stuff arrived yesterday.

UK Emergency Ration Tin: Dimensions and material seems good. Has a rubber seal on the inside so should be pretty waterproof, like the originals. Only small quibble is the stamped text on the lid is a little faint in places, like the die they used did not strike the metal face evenly.

British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces: Seems legit. Super-long so tall ones like me can adjust to a comfortable length. Haven't worn yet, but the metal fasteners and leather tabs look robust.

UK First Field Dressing (Original) Australian, 1942 dated: Mine was dated January 1943, but I'm not complaining. Package is obviously a little faded from age, but can't get more real than real, and at 2 bucks a pop, can't complain about the price, either.

British Ammo Boots: Was a little apprehensive when I ordered size 13, as I wasn't sure exactly if it would be UK or US 13, if the factory in India would be overly careful about such distinctions, etc. No problems here. Boots are roomy and comfortable. Leather is very stiff, but that's realistic. Correct number and placement of hob nails and toe/heel cap. Leather seems kinda shiny, looks almost varnished, but some wear will probably handle that. A lot more comfortable than my Hessen Antique FJ jump boots. Sounds like the apocalypse is coming when you walk on concrete, which is the desired effect. Overall, a very solid repro at a reasonable price.

British Army Issue Towel: Like it says on the tin. Basically just an unmarked sheet of thin terry cloth. Don't know the dimensions of an original to compare, but it folds up neatly in the small pack and will probably do the job.

UK Toggle Rope: Not super-happy with this one. The rope is shaggy as hell with strands loose everywhere, the splicing on both ends is loose, and there's a weird hole drilled in one end of the wooden toggle for some reason. Anyway, it wasn't too expensive, so I'll use it until it becomes unserviceable and then replace with an SOFmilitary one or whatever.

British Mk I Para Helmet: with the near-disappearance of Pegasus Militaria, this seems to be one of the few repro British airborne helmets available. Fortunately it's fairly good. I'm not a huge expert, but I can say it has the correct rubber crash dome in the lid, the liner looks good, 4-bolt chinstrap attachment, and rolled metal rim. Painted a dark green overall, with little bits of grit in the paint to break up reflections. Shell metal is pretty thin and light, but it's not tinfoil. Chinstrap is tough robust leather, and will require some working in to be able to thread through the loop closures easily. Size is exact, although I get a strange headache after wearing it for half an hour or so, so it may need some adjustment. One annoyance is the gaps in the foam rubber around the inside of the brim are too narrow to pass the chin straps through for attachment. I had to cut away about a half inch from each gap in order to be able to get the straps in without squeezing. Basically this means the helmet is unreturnable once you get it in full wearable condition, but fortunately the piece itself is basically sound so unless the liner size is drastically wrong, you probably won't need to send it back.

UK British (Holdall) Toiletry Roll: says it's dated 1943 on the website...mine isn't stamped anywhere. It's ok, I can live without a broad arrow on every single piece of kit. Dimensions and colour seems correct, holds your personal admin kit together, does what it says on the tin.

So, in general a positive experience. Shipping was fast and painless, unlike the awful ordeal I had with Hessen Antique last week (not their fault, UPS is just a nightmare and I'll avoid vendors using it from now on).
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 10:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great info... very helpful for others that will want to order.

I agree about UPS and avoiding vendors that use them... hate UPS!
1Lt. Lee Cassar (Re-enactor)
Dog Company 2/506th
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