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20-22.October.2017 Unternehmen: Wacht am Rhein.

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Johann Hansen

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 9:29 am    Post subject: 20-22.October.2017 Unternehmen: Wacht am Rhein. Reply with quote

World at War airsoft
1458 hwy 630, Mattawa, Ontario P0H 1V0
20.October - 22.October

COST - $25

This event is aimed to be a WW2 Re-enactment... Not a usual airsoft Skirmish or ww2 themed Airsoft battle, but more "milsim" oriented...
This event will have a defined Chain of Command, Clear military objectives. Formal Orders and strict time appreciation.
Expect to stay in the field Friday night until late Saturday...
This means eat in the field...
Allied camp will be on one side of the field, AXIS on the opposite..
An additional camp will be setup for modern gear elsewhere.

Fall 1944..

Allied forces pushing Southward and East from Normandy encounter fierce resistance as they penetrate deeper towards the border of Germany.

German forces have been retreating but resistance to the ALLIED advance has been growing as AXIS forces consolidate.

Allied units have penetrated the front, and units operate behind the enemy lines to pinpoint the key crossings and facilitate actions to secure them. The allied forces do not want to permit the German forces to retreat over the bridges nor do they want to permit them to destroy them.

Near a Village a small bridge spans a deep channel, but in the harried retreat of the German Army every crossing is vital. Vital to the Germans moving their remaining forces East, and Vital to the Allies to cut off retreating German Armour.

Mission: Allied Forces
Recce the defenses of the German forces defending the Town and develop a plan of attack to seize the Town and hold it until the Scheduled Advance of the Allied main forces arrives

Mission AXIS forces.
Occupy the nearby village as a HQ for the German forces
Put the locals to work in improving the defenses.

Civilians : villagers and local farmers are just trying to get by, but many have taken up arms and become partisans working to liberate their occupied homelands. With the invasion of the ALLIED expeditionary forces, rumors of the retreat of the Germans, and the advance of the ALLIED forces has emboldened many civilians to take up arms against the AXIS forces

Reasonable representation of historical appearance is expected.

Weapons: no modern accessories, all weapons must use iron sights. All rifles are restricted to semi auto fire only

Sub machine guns may use select fire

machine guns must be actual support weapons and must be fired from a supported position.

Gear: no MOLLE gear , simple web gear, belt rigs are permitted , Plate carriers and load bearing vests are NOT permitted

Clothing: Allied Reproduction or orginal clothing and gear is desired but the following is permitted:
American- OD, British / Canadian OD , DPM camo Smocks are permitted
Black coveralls are also permitted.

AXIS : Reproduction or Original clothing and gear is desired But the following is permitted:
Grey, Flecktarn Smocks are permited, grey bottoms.

Civilian / Partisan : this is by far the easiest to make a representation of historic clothing
pants, Brown wool or Cordory , a collared shirt, Blue, or earthtones A waistcoat, or vest , or woollen or "tweed" jacket. A hat , fedora or "poorboy" cap
Weapons, a pistol, bolt action rifle or a captured weapon
No gear.

There is lots of time to prepare and work on your impression...
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