General Overview

Most of the WWII Milsims will be a one-day event and will normally be conducted on weekends.  Occasionally, we will hold events that will run two to three consecutive days of WWII Airsoft play.

The event will have a cohesive scenario, drawn from historical events, involving both Allies and Axis pitched in battle.  These scenarios will always involve realistic missions with realistic objectives.  The outcome of the objectives is not predetermined by history but rather by each teamís abilities.  In other words, if history shows that the Allies won a specific battle that is in our scenario doesnít mean the Axis canít win the battle in the scenario.

Arrival time will vary, depending on whether itís a full day or multiple day event, but generally we would like you to be there by at least
0830 hrs. You will need to be geared up and ready to take the field by 0900 hrs.  The Game Host(s) will conduct a safety and rules briefing before the players take the filed. Players will then take the field to receive a mission briefing from their CO and to fortify their positions.  Lunch breaks will normally be taken only for full day events, but for multiple day events meals will be incorporated into breaks in the action. During Multiple day events overnight action is a possibility.  Play will continue to approx. 1600 hrs. during one day events, but may be longer.

Event Levels

Level 3 - This is an open event.  Anyone is invited to participate regardless of uniform or weapon (modern or WWII).  These are designed as informational meets to get re-enactors and airsofters in the game together.  WW2 weapon rules will be enforced for modern weapons.   Ontario Airsoft WWII Re-enactors members will attend the event in their WWII Impression.

Level 2
- WWII Impression required, however, complete kit authenticity is not enforced.  Modern weapon may be used but WWII weapon rules will be enforced. Mixed units allowed within same alignment (always Allies vs Axis).  Unlike traditional Airsoft, Team structure is set in stone. You obviously cannot have a 2d Panzer and 101st ABN troop fighting on the same side.

Level 1 - WWII Impression and weapon required. Complete kit authenticity is not enforced. Unit integrity is required; i.e. squads or larger must be of same historical unit affiliation. Individuals from other services or nationalities may be attached to these core squads